How Milk producers can secure their income of milk production ?

In year of 2017-18 Milk production has whooping gain of 20% approx. Is it the result of individual efforts ? In general all milk producers invest a really small amount on animal husbandry. If producers adopts the proper scientific methods it is surly possible to increase their income by reducing the production cost. 70% of the total costing is spent on the cattle feed. If they control that by proper feeding the animal as per their bread they can same a lot and produce more milk.

A wise milk producer have to follow this three simple rules.

By choosing the right animal breed and then by proper breeding they can have a better cattle to produce more milk.

Animal Breeding

Feed animal according to their body requirement along with the right nutrition in their regular food.

Animal Nutrition

Taking the proper care of the animal, providing proper vaccination and maintaining the 13  months of maximum time between the born of calf.

Animal Care

Special Care

Likewise humans animals also need special care during the pregnancy. Animals need special care for at least last three months of pregnancy as it is the time that can decide how much milk will be produced for up coming 305 days. Till that time animal body would bot be prepared for the milk production. All this process of milk production i.e. all the regarding this in animal body will be started before 3 month of the calf birth. So it is wise to plan scientifically for this period and take proper care of animal including its food. This will also improve their immunity. If animal has proper feed it will produce proper quantity of milk within 8-10 hours otherwise all will be waste in the form of urine and dung and even the quality of the milk will also suffer as it could affect the milk FAT and SNF.